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British Bottled Water Producers is keen to include advertisers on its site whose products and services will be of genuine interest to our Members, Associate Members and other audiences. We therefore reserve the right to consider each application for advertising on the site.

We regret that we cannot accept advertising or paid-for links from producers of small pack bottled water other than Members and Associate Members of British Bottled Water Producers. For more information and to apply for Membership or Associate Membership, visit our Become a Member page or call 020 8347 8206.

If you have other requirements for advertising on our site not details on this page then please get in touch by emailing us at .

British Bottled Water Producers accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of claims made in advertisements by third parties. Products and services advertised by companies on the site are in no way endorsed by British Bottled Water Producers and claims made are solely the responsibility of the advertiser.

Advertising Options

Text Links
A text link for advertisers who we feel would benefit our members and others is available for placement on our 'Useful Links' page.

We currently have four banner advertising spaces available on the site.

  • Header: 468x60 banner
  • Central: 728x90 large banner
  • Central: 140x90 small banner
  • Footer: 728x90 large banner

- Each banner is viewable on ALL pages throughout our site.

- Each banner space is available for 1, 3 or 6 calendar months.

- We accept banners in the following formats; JPEG, GIF, PNG or SWF.

- Banner design is available if required at an additional cost.

- All costs are subject to VAT at standard rate.

For a full breakdown of all our current advertising rates and opportunities please contact us at .

The trend towards healthy eating and drinking means that more people are buying bottled water. We're mostly made of water. Water is life-giving and vital.

In the UK we now buy more than 2 billion litres a year. As we consume more water many people naturally want to know that the water they drink is free from unwanted additives; they want to identify the source of the water; and more and more Britons want to avoid unnecessary ‘food miles’.

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