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Storage Advice


Like any food-stuffs, bottled water should be stored in a cool, dark place away from noxious chemicals or even strong-smelling foods such as curry powder. It is important that retailers and consumers understand the need for sensible storage. The matter was highlighted by a BBC Working Lunch Programme about an incident involving a brand of French water whereby a few bottles of the water became tainted after being in contact with chemicals. Although this is very rare it is, under extreme conditions, a possibility. In some instances it is possible for odour to permeate plastic (PET) packaging and whilst this is unlikely to cause health problems it can affect the taste of the water. Of course, such tainting can occur with any PET packaged product (such as soft drinks) but is more obvious in water due to its normally neutral taste. Some Members of British Bottled Water Producers who sell water in plastic containers are therefore adding simple storage recommendations to their packs stating:

Store in a clean cool dry place away from sunlight, strong odours and chemicals.


Whilst the issue of chemical tainting does not affect water in glass bottles, care should be taken with glass containers which should not be kept in temperatures below freezing. When water freezes it expands and could crack the bottle. Glass bottles containing water should be stored in a clean, cool dry place away from sunlight.

The trend towards healthy eating and drinking means that more people are buying bottled water. We're mostly made of water. Water is life-giving and vital.

In the UK we now buy more than 2 billion litres a year. As we consume more water many people naturally want to know that the water they drink is free from unwanted additives; they want to identify the source of the water; and more and more Britons want to avoid unnecessary ‘food miles’.

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