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Dating back to Nordic times, Blue Keld Natural Mineral Water flows from a genuine artesian spring situated on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds. The pure waters from the spring take many years to naturally filter through the chalk and limestone of the Yorkshire Wolds before they arrive at the Blue Keld Spring.

Blue Keld Natural Mineral Water in sourced beneath a genuine artesian spring. The water is crystal clear due to natural filtration through chalk strata, the water being particularly high in calcium and low in sodium. Keld is the Viking word for spring. 'Blue Keld' appears on historic maps, and its water’s have been refreshing for centuries.

Typical Analysis (mg/l)

Na Ca Mg K NO3 Cl SO4 F SiO2 HC03 Fe Dry.Res
9.3 95 4.3 1.6 21.2 17.8 9.9 0.188 7.9 261 0.008 298

Each water differs depending largely on its source. The provenance and contents of some of the best British bottled waters are given here. Due to the geology of the British Isles, water sourced here are usually low or relatively low in minerals making them ideal for most people. Figures given are for mg/l.

Table Key
Na – Sodium, Ca – Calcium, Mg – Magnesium, K – Potassium, NO3 – Nitrate, Cl - Chloride, SO4 – Sulphate, F – Fluoride, SiO2 – Silica, HCO3 – Bicarbonate, Fe - Iron, Dry. Res. – Dry Residue

Further Information
Origin: Blue Keld Natural Mineral Water in sourced beneath a genuine artesian spring. Available in both clear and blue glass bottles (330ml and 750ml) and PET bottles (500ml and 1L).
Company Ownership: Private limited company
Suitable For: Products are intended to be consumed by all sectors of the general public including vulnerable groups of the population (children, elderly, allergy sufferers).


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The trend towards healthy eating and drinking means that more people are buying bottled water. We're mostly made of water. Water is life-giving and vital.

In the UK we now buy more than 2 billion litres a year. As we consume more water many people naturally want to know that the water they drink is free from unwanted additives; they want to identify the source of the water; and more and more Britons want to avoid unnecessary ‘food miles’.

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