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7 A Day + 8 A Day = A Healthy Diet

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Just when we’d all got the ‘5 a day’ message, we’re advised that in fact we should eat at least 7 portions of fruit and vegetables instead. It seems to make good sense, although the UK Government isn’t – yet – adopting this as official guidance -

One piece of advice that hasn’t changed however is the need to drink around 8 glasses a day of fluid (not alcohol or sugary drinks). So it’s good to know there is one piece of guidance we can rely on.

As we move into summer, NHS Choices gives us the timely reminder that “Water makes up about two-thirds of the weight of a healthy body. To stay healthy, it's important to replace the fluid we lose when we breathe, sweat or urinate.” 

Most fluid comes from drinks so choose water or other healthy options
We get some fluid from our food, and if you up the amount of fruit and vegetables you consume, you’ll be getting even more fluid as a bonus. However, as the NHS points out, “most fluid most comes from drinks”.

The NHS Choices Livewell site says: “The European Food Safety Authority recommends that women should drink about 1.6 litres of fluid and men should drink about 2.0 litres of fluid per day. That's about eight 200ml glasses for a woman and 10 x 200ml glasses for a man. 

“All drinks count, including hot drinks such as tea and coffee, but water, milk and fruit juices are the healthiest. It is best to avoid alcoholic drinks. Try to avoid sugary, soft and fizzy drinks that can be high in added sugars. These can be high in calories and bad for teeth”.

Drink 8 glasses of water and make it British
If you are opting for calorie free, tooth-kind water as part of your fluid intake, consider making it British Bottled Water

Jo Jacobius. Director of British Bottled Water Producers says: By choosing to drink bottled water that is sourced in Britain,  you’re not just doing your body good but you’re also supporting British jobs and helping cut down on food miles. Of course, drinking more water of whatever kind – bottled or tap – is likely to be beneficial for most of us. But if you are keen on water that tastes great, bottled water is often the best choice; and if choosing bottled look out for waters that are sourced in this country”.

For a list of some of the best of British visit
It’s obviously great if you can try to buy British when it comes to selecting your fruit and vegetables too.

Signs of dehydration 
Try not to get dehydrated. NHS Choices advises: “If you think you may not be getting enough fluids, check whether you have any of these other common signs of dehydration:
•    dark urine and not passing much urine when you go to the toilet 
•    headaches 
•    lack of energy  
•    feeling lightheaded

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Article posted on: 02 April 2014

The trend towards healthy eating and drinking means that more people are buying bottled water. We're mostly made of water. Water is life-giving and vital.

In the UK we now buy more than 2 billion litres a year. As we consume more water many people naturally want to know that the water they drink is free from unwanted additives; they want to identify the source of the water; and more and more Britons want to avoid unnecessary ‘food miles’.

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