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Top 5 Tips For Avoiding A Festive Hangover

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If you're all set to enjoy a Christmas office outing this year but are not looking forward to the requisite hangover the following morning then perhaps these tips will help. The brain is made up of 85% water so if you want to avoid that feeling that people are bashing around inside your head with hammers the morning after your festive get-together you can always try the following.

1. Pre-load...Drink a large glass of water before you go out... this is pre-loading the healthy way.

2. Before you go out, put a bottle of water - preferably British bottled water - by your bed so it's there for the next morning.

3. Match...Make sure you drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you drink.

4. Drink a large glass of water before you go to sleep... you'll be amazed what a difference that makes to how you feel tomorrow.

5. Drink responsibly. Drinking water to quench your thirst will help you enjoy the taste of the cocktails, wines or beers you're having so you're not tempted to use those to rehydrate.

Season's Greetings and have a very Happy (hang-over free) New Year from all of us at

British Bottled Water Producers

Article posted on: 16 December 2013

The trend towards healthy eating and drinking means that more people are buying bottled water. We're mostly made of water. Water is life-giving and vital.

In the UK we now buy more than 2 billion litres a year. As we consume more water many people naturally want to know that the water they drink is free from unwanted additives; they want to identify the source of the water; and more and more Britons want to avoid unnecessary ‘food miles’.

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